Free gta 5 cheats game and codes


I am writing this post in efforts to educate parents about what they are allowing their children to participate.
I have spent much of the last week playing tricks GTA 5 , read about , and watching others play Grand Theft Auto V , and I felt compelled to write this public service announcement regarding the game .

It is beautifully done , it really is . The graphics are stunning , the banter between the characters is striking , crude and hilarious , and options of missions to complete in the game seems never ending at this point , but still I have a little problem with the game . Well, not the game , per se . My problem is more with some of the people who have been buying the game .

He went to GameStop this weekend so my husband could put some more money on our PS4 pre order, and as he waited outside , I noticed a couple of young children walk in the store mesmerized by his new game .

A child was walking with his mother , with a smile from ear to ear glued to his face , looking at the plastic bag small and drawing his new copy of GTA V. The mother walked quickly ahead , the two in the car and he left.

This guy not could have been more than 12 years .

12 years ! This mother had no idea what he was allowing his son to buy. I have no idea of the data that is contained on that disk.

I honestly thought for a moment he must leave the car and let him know , but at the moment I drew back the seat belt , which already had left .

I mean I’ve seen , reviewed, played and enjoyed games rated M SEVERAL in my time . Several .

But there is something about the series Grand Theft Auto that really , really, really , should be reserved for adult audiences .

The amount of violence , f-bombs , and less-that- salty behavior of all the characters is amazing .

The game is a masterpiece , though. It really is .

It is so well done and entertaining , you can really immerse yourself in the history of these three main characters . You get to know them their attitudes, their nuances . They are hysterical ! At one point it becomes almost like a movie . One is so intrigued by the story you just discover what will happen next .

I do not want to give any spoilers , but I begin to understand these characters , and their dynamics .

Rockstar really has done a great game , here . All around consuming , in fact .

But this game is not for children . It is not a coincidence .

I will not even play the game with my son in the room.

This comes from one both a player and a mother .

Parents , can you educate yourself about what you are buying for their children? A complaint I hear so much on my page and my feeds social media are people who have played the game are saying the same thing: Not suitable for children .

A friend of mine who works in a GameStop in Brooklyn , New York was talking this morning about how he was actually letting parents know exactly what the game was about , as they were willing to do the shopping for their children . Some of them decided not to buy the game after  tricks GTA 5 facts , because they had not realized the aspects mature game .

Another friend of mine who happens also to be a mother informed me this morning that her son asked the Grand Theft Auto previous game GTA V money hack online, a few ago years when it was released . She unwittingly bought it and when they got home and she saw him playing the game which returned immediately. This was not the kind of game he wanted his son playing .

My goal here is to get this message to parents before you go and spend the $ 60 on the game look up . Read about it . Decide beforehand if it’s something you want your child getting into. Involved in the interests of their children . Know about the game before buying it . Do your research .

So , in conclusion , this game is not good, wholesome fun for little Johnny . It is a well – made , part mature , understanding of art with consequences , and a history of great but ADULT .

If you’re okay with buying a game for your child that includes murder, bank robbery , arson , drug use , free use of the f- and -n- ie strip clubs , and other forms of activity illegal then I guess no one can stop buying it for your child . I just want to warn you strongly to assess understanding of your child and mental capacity before giving them free rein over the city of Los Santos .

We tested Super Mario Run on iPhone: a success?


kleinerevolutieproducties was able to test the first mobile game of Nintendo, Super Mario Run, before its release on iPhone and iPad. Verdict!


It was the surprise of the season … After years of procrastination, Nintendo has finally decided to venture into the world of mobile games . This time, it fully launches, not like Pokémon GO game for which the US company Niantic had dealt with everything. And what could be more obvious than starting with his star character, Mario? So it is the small blue and red man with the mustache that is found in the center of the first game for smartphones and tablets of Nintendo. Super Mario Run, is its name, is available from Thursday on iPhone and iPad only (it will arrive on Android in a few weeks). We played in preview.

A Mario adapted for the mobile

From the first few seconds of play, we are confronted with some size changes. And for good reason, here no controllers to interact with the game, but simply a touch screen. As a result, the character of Mario moves forward by himself alone and spans the smallest obstacles (marmots …) by himself. A touch on the screen allows him to blow the biggest obstacles (pipes, hole in the decoration …). This may seem (too) simple. In the early levels, difficult indeed to lose. But things get tough in the second world of the game.

As on consoles, Nintendo has indeed divided its game into worlds. Super Mario Run contains six, themselves divided into four levels. For download, the first three levels are free. To reach the last level of the first world and the five other worlds it is necessary to disburse 9.99 euros. A high amount for a mobile game, but still far from that of a Super Mario console. And we feel a real difference in level between the free part of the game and the rest. While we had managed the free game all at once, we stumbled several times afterwards. As in the console version, it is necessary to go back several times and to measure accurately its supports on the screen.

A game full of adventures

Despite this, all levels offer a real wealth, with very different scenery from one field to another. If the player finds himself in the traditional flat landscape of the Super Mario in the first level, he then plunges into an underground, climbs into the sky or jumps amidst giant flowers. No room for lassitude. This impression is reinforced by the possibility offered by Nintendo to change scenery within the same level. Each of the levels is indeed playable in four different ways.

Throughout the levels, we discover another challenge: collecting coins. Because the player has the challenge to collect all the pink pieces, much rarer than traditional golden coins. Once these pink pieces caught, it is necessary to replay the level to catch five purple pieces, better concealed. The goal is to get the five black pieces of the last level. Obviously, the darker the color of the pieces the more difficult it is to collect them.

As for the adventure, the objective of the plumber remains the same: save the princess Pitch held back by the evil dragon Browser. As in traditional Nintendo games, at the end of each world, the player confronts the dragon. Until the last world …

A village to rebuild

In parallel with these levels, it is possible to build a village. Super Mario Run hack android and iOS allows to rebuild the village abandoned by its inhabitants, Toads. To improve this village and encourage them to settle there again, it is necessary to carry out challenges online. These challenges make it possible to win coins that are used to build additional buildings. And the more the number of pieces harvested, the more it is possible to add elements (houses, trees, flowers …), but especially the more they turn out to be spectacular.

Unlike many games of the same type, it is impossible to buy coins while spending real euros. It will therefore be necessary to multiply the challenges to build a village worthy of the name. And it can take time … Several hours in view of the first constructions that we realized.

Compulsory Internet connection

Super Mario Run has no major flaw, at least the game itself. For we seriously regret the obligation imposed by Nintendo to be connected to the Internet to play. A limitation that does not pose any problem in Japan, the country of origin of Nintendo, because the Internet is accessible without problem in public transport, and especially the subway. On the other hand, in France, it is impossible to play in subways or tunnels. A point all the more troublesome that the levels, short, are perfectly adapted for a game in transport.

For the rest, Super Mario Run is a great success. Nintendo has perfectly succeeded in transforming this game usually playable on console in mobile game. A must for the end of the year.

Clash Royale: Tips en trucs voor beginners


Dus heb je je handen op de hete, dek gebouw RTS voor mobiele telefoons, maar je krijg steeds je kont overhandigd aan u in de arena? Nou, geen zorgen, want we hebben u gedekt met deze Clash Royale tips en trucs.

Wanneer je bent in het veld, kunt u een beroep doen op de kaarten in uw onmiddellijke de hand met behulp van maximaal Elixir punten. Deze worden bepaald door het paarse aantal op elk van de kaarten. Je zult merken dat je de wedstrijd zal beginnen met vijf Elixir punten en de bar vult langzaam. Het is echt belangrijk dat je niet al je punten zo gemakkelijk te verspillen. Rantsoen is intelligent om ervoor te zorgen dat je geen dode tijd te hebben terwijl je vijand landt al hun eenheden op het veld in een keer.

Dit betekent ook dat je nodig hebt slim over hoe u uw dek om te beginnen met bouwen te zijn. Tuurlijk, Prinsen en Giants zijn ongelooflijk sterk, maar ze allebei kosten een flinke vijf Elixir punten te werpen. Dit zou kunnen betekenen desastreus als dat zijn de enige twee eenheden op het veld voor u, en u bent vertrokken daarna herstellende uw Elixir van nul.Maak een saldo van meer kleine eenheden, middelgrote en grote. Bijvoorbeeld, ik wil graag een Giant (vijf), een Prince (vijf), een Goblin Hut (vijf), een Musketier (vier), Fireball (vier), Valkyrie (vier), Bomber (drie), and Arrows (houden drie).

Zoek de balans die bij je past, maar vergeet niet dat de kleinere eenheden zijn zeker bruikbaar in een Elixir crunch.


In de Arena, vindt u twee wachttorens en een kasteel aan beide kanten hebben. Een gracht scheidt de twee landen en er zijn twee bruggen (links en rechts) op eenheden gebruiken oversteken. Houd in gedachten wanneer u uw kaarten bent het plaatsen van dat waar je ook een eenheid te laten vallen, dat is waar ze het land. Dus, laten we zeggen dat je een Goblin Hut hebben op het veld. Drop iemand achter de rug en ze zullen moeten gaan rond de hut, kost wat tijd. Aan de andere kant, als er een vijandelijke eenheid opladen (zoals de Prins), laat een willekeurige kleine eenheid voor hen om hun opmars belemmeren. Houd er ook rekening mee dat wanneer je over een uitkijktoren te nemen, dat de plot van de pleinen wordt jou waardoor je units te plaatsen als je wilt. Dit is goed om nog meer eenheden dichter bij de vijand kasteel te krijgen, nog erger.

Er is een overvloed aan strategieën die u in uw zoektocht kan nemen om de beste heerser in Clash Royale hack.


Prince is een episch kaart Clash Royale die ofwel kan maken of breken uw dag. Als je hem hebt, de wereld is mooi en zonnig. Als je vijand hem heeft, het leven zuigt. Hij heeft een ton van de gezondheid, kost vijf Elixir punten te werpen, en doet dubbele schade wanneer hij wordt opgeladen (en hij krijgt altijd opladen, geloof me).

Kortom, je gaat te willen deze man in je team te houden. Hij absoluut wrakken en wie heeft hem  zal  hem te gebruiken, dus beter om vuur met vuur bestrijden in dit geval. Op voorwaarde, natuurlijk, je weet hoe om hem te krijgen.


Gevechten in Clash Royale zijn fast-paced. Als u opraken van de klok en het is een gelijkspel met de hoeveelheid kronen verdiend, ga je in overwerk. Als het een gelijkspel nogmaals, het is plotselinge dood en de winnaar is degene die de volgende kroon neemt.Omdat het zo’n een strakke spel, je gaat te willen om snel te handelen in uw beslissingen.Kijk, het is erg leuk om een ​​totaal stormloop en slopen beide wachttorens voordat je voor het kasteel, maar je hoeft niet om dat te doen. Stap in en stap uit. Take down een uitkijktoren en ga dan meteen naar het kasteel. Als je dat te krijgen, geef je alle kronen te krijgen hoe dan ook, zelfs zonder die onderaan deze tweede wachttoren. Echter, als je gaat in overwerk en alleen maar winnen door het nemen van beneden een ander wachttoren, wat denk je? Je hoeft niet de kroon voor het kasteel te krijgen. Dus altijd, altijd, altijd, streven naar nemen van het kasteel. Kronen zijn cool om geld te verdienen.

Clash Royale: Tips en trucs voor beginners

 Elke eenheid gedraagt ​​zich anders in Clash Royale cheats. Ze kunnen wat schade allemaal doen, maar ze zeker werken op verschillende manieren. Leer hoe elk van je eenheden moves en handelingen en je zult in staat zijn om dienovereenkomstig te reageren op elke situatie in een gevecht. Laat me vervallen sommige gedragingen de startkaarten ‘:

  • Giant –  Grote schade en gezondheid, maar alleen om gebouwen. Negeert vijandelijke eenheden volledig, stampen rechtstreeks naar wat gebouw ligt in de buurt.
  • Prince –  Grote schade en gezondheid. Zal laden na een paar seconden van het verplaatsen en aanvallen tijdens het opladen leidt tot dubbele schade.
  • Boogschutters –  Lage schade en gezondheid, maar komen in paren. Kunnen afleiden units voor een moment als zodanig. Goed voor de vliegende eenheden.
  • Goblins –  Lage schade en de gezondheid, maar snel en komen in een verpakking van drie.
  • Bomber –  Lage gezondheid, maar veel schade. Perfect voor een groep van gemakkelijk gedode vijanden (zoals skelet clusters of verpakkingen van goblins).
  • Spear Goblins –  Lage schade en gezondheid, maar snel en komen in een verpakking van drie. Kan schieten uit de verte. Goed voor de vliegende eenheden.
  • Musketeer –  Hoge schade en goed voor de gezondheid. Goed voor de vliegende eenheden.
  • Knight –  Goede gezondheid en schade, melee en enige grond.
  • Valkyrie –  Goede gezondheid en schade, melee en enige grond. Goed voor een groep vijanden, omdat haar aanvallen staking multiples.
  • Goblin Hut –  Spawns Spear Goblins elke 4,9 seconden. Wordt een ander gebouw dat eenheden kunnen worden geblokkeerd of afgeleid door.
  • Fireball –  Hoge schade aan een gebied dat u achten. Maar minder schade aan gebouwen.
  • Arrows –  Goede schade aan een gebied dat u achten. Maar minder schade aan gebouwen.


Eerder noemde ik al dat ik blijf een Arrows-kaart en een Fireball kaart in mijn hand voor het spelen van Clash Royale wedstrijden. Dit is omdat het hebben van een varieerden aanval kun je overal op het veld erg, erg handig kan zijn. Vooral als zei aanvallen kunnen een breed gebied te richten.

Hier is mijn strategie; Ik gebruik de volley van pijlen wanneer er vijandelijke eenheden in een cluster van drie of meer post in mijn land, en ik gebruik de vuurbal aan gebouwen Ik wil chip weg schade op. De vuurbal heeft een flinke som van schade aan een gebouw, en het kan echt een verschil maken en helpen mijn andere zware hitter eenheden, zoals de Prins en Giant. Hebben deze twee kaarten niet af te schrijven, alleen maar omdat ze niet eenheden.

Daar heb je het! Sommige beginner tips en trucs om aan de slag met Clash Royale. Veel succes daar en vergeet niet om je eenheden te upgraden wanneer je in staat bent om!

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Pokemon GO : Best Pokemon according to statistics of Attack, Defense and Health Points

pokemon go hack online tool

Now that you have taken enough feel for the game and you will have learned how to find and easy to grab some Pokémon , you can go to the team who have joined gyms and form the strongest team possible Pokémon.

The players have recently discovered that the hidden statistics in Pokemon GO hack online mirror those of the original game, and such a scenario can help us get an idea of ​​how to classify the Pokémon according to statistics of Attack, Defense and Health.

Being aware of this is very useful if you want to form a team with particular strengths or weaknesses, but combining these elements we can also find out what are the best Pokémon overall in Pokemon GO hack online, and do not forget to check out the section of our guide dedicated to the secrets of the PL and the Individual value to create the strongest team possible .Once you have identified the Pokémon to hunt, follow our guide on how to calculate the PL and get the most from every level of the catch , and at this point you will know what creatures will agree to train.Here is a list of the top 15 Pokémon for each statistic. To see where you place your Pokemon go hack online in relation to all the others, you can see the complete list of the 151 Pokémon published by Serebii web site , and we thank them for rankings and statistics.

Pokémon with best Attack in Pokemon Go hack online

Position Pokémon Attack
1 Mewtwo * 284
2 Dragonite 250
3 moltres * 242
4 flareon 238
5 Zapdos * 232
6 Exeggutor 232
7 arcanine 230
8 Victreebel 222
9 mew * 220
10 Charizard 212
11 Magmar 214
12 gengar 204
13 Nidoking 204
14 Vileplume 202
15 Machamp 198

Pokémon with the best defense in Pokémon Go

Position Pokémon Defense
1 articuno * 242
2 blastoise 222
3 mew * 220
4 Dragonite 212
5 Hitmonchan 204
6 Mewtwo * 202
7 Poliwrath 202
8 Omastar 202
9 Marowak 202
10 Venusaur 200
11 Slowbro 198
12 Weezing 198
13 Golem 198
14 Mr. Mime 196
15 Hypno 196

Pokémon with higher Health Points (PS) in Pokémon Go

Position Pokémon PS
1 chansey 500
2 snorlax 320
3 Wigglytuff 280
4 lapras 260
5 vaporeon 260
6 Jigglypuff 230
7 Rhydon 160
8 Mewtwo * 212
9 Kangaskan 210
10 Muk 210
11 mew * 200
12 Slowbro 190
13 Clefable 190
14 gyarados 190
15 Exeggutor 190

Pokémon best total in Pokémon Go

Position Pokémon
1 Mewtwo *
2 Dragonite
3 mew *
4 articuno *
5 snorlax
6 moltres *
7 Zapdos *
8 lapras
9 arcanine
10 blastoise
11 Exeggutor
12 vaporeon
13 gyarados
14 Slowbro
15 Venusaur

These are the Legendary Pokemon go hack online that have been confirmed by the operation of datamining APK, and no one has yet been able to discover and capture, probably because it will only be introduced as a result of a future event or an app update. In any case it is useful to include them in the list even now, so you can get an idea of ​​how they relate to the most rare and strong Pokémon with them, and then create your own Ultimate Team Pokémon.

What conclusions can we draw from these lists?

  • We know that the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, when they appear, will be some of the most powerful of the game, and no doubt will be worth hunting them when you can.
  • At the moment, Dragonite is the most powerful Pokémon of the game, then go to catch those Dratini.
  • Not all Pokémon that are placed at the top in the ranking of a statistic are necessarily also well-placed in another. Chansey, for example, has the highest level of PS in the game, but is weak in other areas, so it can not enter the Top15 of all other chart.

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8 ball pool tips

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agario tips and tricks

Welcome to the second issue of our guides to improve knowledge and skills within this gaming environment of; for this opportunity you will discuss another question that tends to be, and this is respectively: how to eject mass Agario .

Keep in mind that this is the third control we have at our disposal as players , it is the last of all and which complements our activities in the battlefield. Its usefulness is varied, and is something that we will discuss later, once they realize the way in which matter is ejected in


We will explain the way through which achieved the expulsion of matter in Agario , but now you must go to the point corresponding to the device on which you propose to download and play Agario ; so you are in the right place and you then know which key or button used to carry out mass ejection.

  • On the computer: the key corresponding to the mass ejection in Agario is the “W”. If youpress it ‘ll look like a part of your body will spring out into the vacuum; uses this function with logic and do not waste your stuff, because what ejecta is nothing more and nothing less than part of your total mass, which means its possible waste and to lose putting size at risk of being eaten by someone larger .
  • Android terminals: it is likely that as player who not only shares the interest in obtaining entertainment but also informed of the progress of the game and concepts to improve your skills, you have noticed that recently submitted a version Android ; in devices with Android as OS mobile as a tablet or smartphone, you’ll have to use the button “split cell” which shows two circles -represent cell- separated by a bar.
  • IOS devices: it is curious that we have to tell that to the Apple family , to eject mass, has to do the same devices running under Android; for those who have the opportunity to play on a device with iOS , and one with Android, will see that the same controls are used, the interface is the same, and there are not many changes (perhaps one or two by the detail of the variation corresponding resolution screens).

These three points above infers in control Agario mass expulsion ; in paragraph two and three, a breakdown focused on devices that fall is done, but we have not discussed, since the same process – not needed to refer to them actually commenting is done the OS is more than enough -. In case there is a new version of Agario, this information will be updated.


These are five examples of the use that can give mass expulsion in Agario; the truth is that it is a game with many possibilities and opportunities, the question is leverage, act intelligently, and always earn some audacity.


One way the players with skill and seniority used to quickly top the list of Top 10 players, is to take advantage when they have some mass to approach large competitors that are close to dentandos circles ; once they are close, they ejected mass to any of the circles with the aim of hurting your competition will be divided into multiple parts, allowing eat a good portion of it and grow quickly.

This first point is not so much a tip, it is rather a strategy, and one that works swimmingly.


It is very useful to create collaborations with other players , and possibly you ask ” but how to start a partnership if there is no chat or something?” : A very good way to create collaborations is to use when you see the opportunity to eat most a player affected by a jagged circle, and at the same time start returning all that stuff that belonged to regrow. Do you realize what I mean ?, it is not that complicated to do.

Also it lets go for a competitor larger and impersonating the bait , so that your partner eject matter to you and your competitor superes eat in allowing mass. Although this way it becomes a little slower, a contribution of mass can be performed quickly to a teammate when you divide and you enter half of your dough to your cell and you we discussed in: cell division in Agar. io and 5 tips .


There are moments in which touches make sacrifices to avoid something worse ; In this case, you could use the eject function to prevent a mass large competitor you eat in a place which can not pass and jagged circles are present only what they would do is become to smithereens; in such a case you can eject mass to reduce the overall size of the cell, can be done forward, so that once we passed the place we set out to not ingest us, you can recover with some luck, the mass later.

If the case is much more risky and do not have much time to go spouting your dough, you can make the division of your mass, and thus passing the proposed site, since the diameter will be divided between the two circles that now make up your cell.


You can use your body like bait on a hook inserted; what you do is go by sectors that tend to accumulate players smaller than yours, and start handing mass in small amounts (one or two ejections), and you will see how many players are going to bring to eat that you’ve ejected mass. This is the precise moment when you can do a division of your cell to feed all these players are fighting over a small piece of your dough.

You can even bring the art to the brink of moral starting to distribute mass who is near youand have little size; they will begin to answer yes and catch you some confidence so you earn more closeness to them . Once you realize that it is the right time, you can eat them without giving rise to the flight .


Replicating the steps of case number one you can get to unseat the largest in seconds .What you must do is acquire some dough and get closer to where there is a large player belonging to the Top 10; see if it is close to a jagged circle, if so download your body in that circle to end wounding your great opponent. From this point its mass will be divided into multiple parts putting him in trouble.

Whether you take advantage and steal some of their mass, or just do it to unseat the post and see how big fight between them to steal their mass; you’ll realize that small in Agario can not be underestimated, a single neglect and goodbye!

COMPLEMENT POST is a world of new possibilities , and although the five previous cases are part of the most important and most often occur in the game, you are who decides what use give you gain mass -independent positive achievements or negative being deliberated behind your actions-.